Why natural deodorant TM Ekolyuks?

Currently, it is becoming popular and natural organic products, including deodorants. Are they really effective, are they of attention, we will try to answer you. In our opinion, there are several good reasons to give preference to natural deodorant.

1. Natural composition / security primeneniya.Deystvitelno, deodorants mass market in its composition have a lot of chemicals and synthetic substances that negatively affect the skin externally (irritation, pimples), and the body’s internal state. After all, everything that we put on the skin, and is absorbed into the blood and lymph, and then accumulate in the body, and can cause allergic reactions and on to ….

While deodorants TM Ekolyuks have a very simple and natural composition – specially prepared water, potassium alum and natural essential oils. This composition completely safe for the body and the environment.
2. Natural deodorants do not clog pores. It is not a little important aspect. When you use a natural deodorant, your skin “breathe”, all physiological processes are normal, that is, the sweat glands are working, but there is no odor. Natural deodorants TM Ekolyuks not reduce sweating, and removed the cause of odor, not allowing bacteria to multiply causing bad breath.
3. Do not leave stains on clothes. Again, due to the extremely natural composition of natural deodorants TM Ekolyuks, your clothes would not suffer from the white and yellow spots.
4. Good washed off with water. This property is a plus for the body and for the environment. When they get into the environment and then already suffering animals and birds, flora and fauna of our planet into drains fall balances “chemical” deodorants, over time. While deodorants TM Ekolyuks due to natural composition safe for the body, and it does not harm the environment.
5. The duration of protection. Natural deodorants TM Ekolyuks very effectively provide protection against perspiration odor, from 8 to 12 hours, depending on characteristics of the organism. At the same time you do not expose your skin and body chemicals.

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