We started the season of colds

That summer flew by …
The other day walking around the city, noted that many people with a runny nose and common cold symptoms. It turns out that not had time to finish the summer as the beginning of the season of colds. But what about all of our efforts to stock up on the health of the whole year? Vegetables, fruit, swimming, sunbathing, outdoor recreation. Where are all our summer achievements? Until tears shame, it turns out, we did not have time to share their impressions about the holiday, as we share his impressions of the hospital, medicines and doctors.

But frequent colds, exacerbation of chronic sores can be easily explained – the body does not have time to regroup, do not have time to build a defense. And oddly enough, but the cause of colds and ailments in the autumn is a hot summer. Accustomed to heat the body reacts violently to the temperature change. But we face a long period of cold, drafts and dampness. I do not want that in this period of cold became commonplace.
How to help your body? Observe the daily routine. Provide the body proper nutrition, timely receipt of macro and micro elements and vitamins. Normalize bowel function, it is important, it is only useful intestinal microflora synthesizes vitamins and minerals, that is, provides entry into the body.
So, to strengthen the immune system, to ensure the flow of nutrients, have a preventive effect of respiratory diseases, SARS, influenza, take the following drugs –

Fitomaks beta
Discovery Excellent, center for children
Green-old complex systemic effects
Cat claw
Tea Monastic №4 «anti-inflammatory”
“Fitoritsid” herbal remedy for nasal mucosa
Kissel buckthorn extracts of echinacea and rosehip
Kissel cranberries, cranberry
Normalize bowel function will help you –

Sweets “Probimilk” obagaschennye probiotics and prebiotics

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