This preparation for the care of delicate skin around the eyes

New products for the care of delicate skin around the eyes!
Dear customers, we are pleased to offer you the means to care for delicate skin around the eyes! We were pleased with our favorite producer of “Lac Saint”, Ukraine, Kiev under the license agreement with Lac Sante ApS, the Kingdom of Denmark.

This is a very good and responsible manufacturer of Ukraine, we have many years of work and use their own products, and we have only positive feedback.
So, this pearl line Nourishing mask around the eyes Lac Sante, a magical tool after applying the mask the skin shines! not to mention the fact that the skin looks fresh and supple, your eyes shine! price and more detail can be read here
And the daily care cream nutrition and hydration for the skin around the eyes and lips
Lac Sante, as you may have noticed this cream can be used not only for the eye, but also for the lips. Very soft texture cream, with no clearly defined perfumed aroma, natural composition.
More details can be read here
Also in our range we have the following skin care products in the eye area
our dearly beloved and long-Cream-balm Jasmine, handmade, natural composition, from Ukrainian manufacturer TM Ekolyuks, more then and a couple already proven tools

Enjoy and indulge yourself!

We always care about our customers.
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