Winter care for the skin of the face and body. 5 simple life hacks

Do you know the feeling that the skin of the face is stretched like on a drum? What about a feeling of tightness? and you sit like that and think, WHAT am I doing wrong? what’s wrong with my face? what’s wrong with my cream? even I, 20 years in the “topic” of beauty and health, every winter, faced these questions. changed creams, used all natural products. yes, the skin got better, but the problem returned. And then I decided to get to the bottom of the reason. Below are a few simple rules on how to CORRECTLY take care of your skin in winter.

1. Take Omegas, fatty acids create a protective layer of the skin.

2. Choose products with denser textures. and to be sure to be indicated – PROTECTION from frostbite and chapping. Apply at least 40 minutes before going outside. We use it as a morning care.

3. As a night care, use regenerating and saturating products. Ideally, these are oil serums.

4. In winter, it is better to refuse scrubs for the face and body. If, however, you can’t do without them, then we don’t do it so often, plus we choose a scrub with the maximum nutrient content.

5. Replace soap, shower gel with hydrophilic oils. Hydrophilic oil perfectly cleanses the skin and preserves the lipid layer of the skin.

These simple rules will help you survive the winter with dignity, beautifully and comfortably!
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