Return and exchange
The company carries out the return and exchange of goods of good quality in accordance with the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

Terms of return and exchange
Returns and exchanges of goods are possible within 14 days after the buyer receives the goods.

Return shipping is free of charge.

Return conditions for goods of good quality
Warranty and service
The warranty period is the period during which the customer, having discovered a defect in the goods, has the right to demand from the seller or manufacturer to take measures to eliminate the defect. The seller must eliminate the defects, unless it is proven that they arose as a result of violations by the buyer of the operating rules.

Can I exchange or return an item?
Yes, you can exchange or return an item within 14 days of purchase. This right is guaranteed to you by the Consumer Protection Act.

To use this feature, please make sure that:
– the product was not in use and has no traces of use: scratches, chips, scuffs, no more than 5 minutes of calls on the phone counter, the software has not been changed, etc .;
– the goods are fully completed and the integrity of the packaging is not violated;
– all labels and factory markings are preserved.
That is, you have the right to exchange a non-food product of proper quality for a similar one if the product does not satisfy you in shape, dimensions, style, color, size, or for other reasons cannot be used by you for its intended purpose. The exchange of goods of good quality is carried out if it has not been used and if its presentation, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as the payment document issued to the consumer along with the sold goods are preserved.

If you applied within 14 days from the date of purchase with a request to exchange a product of inadequate quality in your opinion, but the product meets the criteria for a good quality product, in this case the Seller exchanges the product.

But if the product does not work, the exchange or return of the product is made only if there is a conclusion / act of the service center authorized by the manufacturer of the Product, stating that the operating conditions have not been violated.
A refund

The refund period depends on the type of payment that the buyer initially chose.
In case of cash payment, a refund is made at the checkout no later than 10 days after the buyer has submitted a refund request.
The cost of the goods is credited to the client’s card, if a non-cash payment was used, occurs immediately after receiving the request from the buyer.
When using electronic payment systems, the refund is made to an electronic account within 10 calendar days.


According to the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, the company may refuse to exchange and return goods of good quality to the consumer if they belong to the categories specified in the current List of non-food goods of good quality that cannot be returned and exchanged.