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  • Toothpaste Ekolux with meadow grass 100 ml

    Toothpaste with extract of preventive meadow grasses gently cleans plaque, prevents inflammation in the oral cavity. Toothpaste with extract of preventive meadow grass is recommended for the care of teeth and oral cavity, good removes plaque, food debris, pleasant taste, has a deodorizing and refreshing effect. The active system of silica, kaolin, pectin apple absorbs plaque, prevents its formation, provides a delicate brushing surface without damaging the enamel. The main active ingredient of toothpaste - an extract of meadow grass (herb thyme, mint leaves, rose petals, grass, yarrow, marjoram), prevents the formation of inflammatory processes in the mouth, strengthens weakened gums, has a calming effect. It promotes the prevention of dental caries and periodontal problems. Only natural ingredients are included in the toothpaste with the extract of preventive meadow grasses. Toothpaste with extract of meadow grass does not contain synthetic substances. Not contains fluoride!
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