Lounge with AstroHata on the Sea of Azov

Sooner or later there is a need to connect rest on nature, sea, alcohol, good food, cycling, contemplation of the starry sky in a telescope, Films under the open sky, spending the night in a real Indian tipi and all this offers you – Astrohata

Authentic simple natural rural food

We take food grown from local farmers and cook simple and delicious dishes for every taste. To eat delicious is our motto and of course the food should not unnecessarily burden your leisure and wallet – nature and a good company like a cherry on the cake. By agreement, you can make the menu for you personally


We ourselves have been drinking wine for a long time and therefore often offer it to our guests. All brands of wines have passed a long tasting and the cupbearers Astrohata guarantee you a pleasant awakening while observing reasonable dosages. And of course there is always a delicate balance of price and quality.



Lovely Sea of ​​Azov

Astrohata is not only a place where lovers of wine and astronomy meet – here you can also enjoy the gentle sun and the warm Azov Sea. Astrokhata is located 23 km from the sea. In addition, we can show you hidden from the eyes of numerous tourists deserted beaches where there are not a single person for kilometers.



Bicycle rides

Those who like to travel by bicycle will not be indifferent to the natural landscapes of the Astrokhat neighborhood. Here the Spanish plain, the hills of Provence, the lakes of Iceland mixed up and all this in comfort and for a small fee.





Telescope under the clear sky

The most important feature of Astrohata is the opportunity to observe objects of distant space under the purest and darkest sky in Ukraine. In addition, you are given the opportunity to watch one of the biggest amateur telescopes Wkywatcher 16 dob (main mirror 406 mm). There is also an opportunity to look at the sun (its spots and cracks) within the framework of daytime observations.




Favorite movies in the open air

Every evening a movie will be broadcast for you, which will get the most votes during the day. Starry night a little wine, a favorite movie – what could be better before seeing or instead 🙂




Overnight in Indian tipi

Recently, it is becoming increasingly popular to spend time non-standardly – one such entertainment is spending the night in an Indian TYPI (wigwam). We have a real 6 meter Tipi inside the Astrohata, inside of which we can even light a bonfire.






Friendly pets

Astrohata feeds different animals (Kurochek, Kozochek Oves) and everyone can spend some time in the company of these cuties. Such entertainment will be very interesting for children





Successful Fishing

In the vicinity of Astrohata there are a lot of ponds and streams in which you can fish like seasoned fishermen and beginners. There are no feeble to be paid for the stocked ponds for the fishermen, who are experienced in this business.





We constantly come up with something new and want to make your rest better, more fun, give more sensations and memories – because we are our memories!

Our Address – Shevchenkovo, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine, 71147