Iodine! Is it so important.

Recently, a lot of information on iodine, all ads are full of the necessity of its acceptance. And if so needed iodine to the body. How important is the intake of iodine in the body, let’s understand this.
Thus, iodine is needed for the thyroid gland to function properly. This is important, firstly, to feel vigorous and active. Thyroid hormones, which include iodine, are responsible for the metabolism in the body, so it is often a lack of iodine leads to weight gain. Iodine deficiency in the body leads to a decrease in immunity. Iodine deficiency generates irritability, depressed mood, sleepiness, impaired memory and attention, is not it very similar to the spring status? Maybe it is necessary to take a closer to your body and drink complex with iodine, and not to write off his fortune in the absence of the sun.

Iodine deficiency in the body affects the cardiovascular system and for the better strontium. Iodine deficiency gives rise to arrhythmias, of atherosclerosis, increased pressure.
Iodine deficiency in the female body leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle, infertility, mastitis.
Here are a few diseases that can occur as a result of iodine deficiency in the body. And to avoid them, and many other complications as possible, giving yourself a few moments a day. Take the pill “Iodine active” or “Tireobalans” did not take long. When you visit the supermarket to consider a list of your purchases based on iodine-rich foods (celery, persimmon and seaweed). And rest assured, all the time spent on, the body will return to you with spergula.
Good health to you!

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