I wonder – oil “Lemon” body

Lemon oil is usually obtained by cold pressing, in some cases, using steam distillation. In its structure – limonene, citral and other fragrances. Oil of lemon is widely used in the perfume industry, medicine, aromatherapy. Due to the content of vitamins, citric acid, lemon oil is used in cosmetics – bleaching and toning face and body skin, lemon oil is a part of shampoos, lotions, tonics. Lemon oil tones the nervous system, is effective in vascular dystonia. Lemon oil is refreshing, provides a burst of energy and positive emotions, eliminate depression, improves concentration.
represented body oil “Lemon” in our store. “Lemon” Body Butter has a fine texture, soft and delicate aroma, body oil “lemon” can be used for skin care and body to self-massage (neck area), professional massage and a bath (a few drops of oil to add in the bathroom)
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