Food should be a medicine

Our ancestors did not have such deep knowledge in medicine, as we are. They did not know what penicillin and streptocid, had no idea it-shpe and dipyrone. But they knew well the beneficial properties of various plants. And they are widely used not only in the treatment of diseases, but in the daily diet. Indeed, the food should be medicine and medicine – food …

I think you will be interested to know about the properties of certain fruits and vegetables daily eat kotoryey.
Onions, garlic, apples, beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, ginger, licorice root, horseradish – is antibiotics by plants. We used to suppress the growth of bacteria, certain viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Garlic, cabbage, licorice root, red grapes, soybeans, currants, carrots, parsnips, seaweed, seafood -. This plant – Anticarcinogens. Prevents the development of tumors. As a rule, contain large amounts of vitamin C.

By plants anticoagulants, ie reduce blood clotting. Knim include: cinnamon, grape, melon, mushrooms, onions, tea, cumin. And even in the official medicine palm among funds, blood thinners, aspirin, holds a substance derived from the bark of willow trees.

Plants antidepressant. Many people know that the mint, lemon balm, valerian relieve anxiety, tension. A coffee, ginger and sage will help to cheer up, enhance mental activity.

Plants antioxidant. A very important group of plants, which is based on the property of slowing down the oxidation processes in the cells of the body.

Consequently, the cell lives longer actively performs its functions. The probability of its degeneration into a malignant greatly reduced. These plants include red grapes, spinach, cabbage, ginger, oranges, tomatoes. Incidentally, the more intense the color of the fruit, the more antioxidant substances containing plant.

For example, red pepper are more than in white or green. Antithrombotic effect inherent cabbage, bananas, figs, ginger, licorice root. Since ancient times, high blood pressure, knowing the properties of plants to lower pressure, leaned on beets, celery and garlic. So turn your meal into a powerful weapon against ailments. And good luck!

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