Fighting cellulite – Oil “Orange” body, “Anti-cellulite”, “Lemon”.

On the threshold of summer, all the forces left to fight cellulite. Diet, nutrition, drinking regime, exhausting workout, expensive massages … However, without daily home care of problem areas can not do! To help you come to a body oil and you get an amazing effect!
So, a few tips on how to most effectively and is not difficult to perform home anti-cellulite program.
1. Taking a bath, add it to “Orange” body oil or “Lemon”. (1 cap). During the procedure, the oil gently takes care of the problem areas, tones the skin, relieves stress and elevates mood.
2. After the shower, on a warm body (problem areas) apply a light massage oil for “Anti-cellulite” body or “Orange”, “Lemon”. These oils contribute to fat breakdown, and effectively remove excess fluid from the subcutaneous layer.
We wish you success in this fight! Be healthy and beautiful!

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