Diet as a basis for prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids

There is a category of people who have hemorrhoids word evokes a smile. But those who are faced with hemorrhoids – not to fun. A very unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids: pain, burning, bleeding, low levels of hemoglobin. And it’s not the whole list. That’s why in the first place there is the prevention of hemorrhoids. It should be noted that the predisposition to developing hemorrhoids have absolutely each including infants. And how you treat your body, often depends on, you will suffer from hemorrhoids or not.

The basis for the prevention of hemorrhoids and very important tool in the treatment of hemorrhoids is undoubtedly a properly selected diet.
Not everyone knows that for the prevention of hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid treatment during the diet should consist of plant foods rich in fiber, wholemeal bread and cereals (except rice). What should be excluded fried, spicy, smoked, salt, alcohol, and meat, preferably chicken or veal. What you can not eat any fatty fish in stew or steamed. But there are a few “tricks” and nuances that should be taken to ensure that the hemorrhoids would not become your life partner.
1. Excellent means of preventing the appearance of hemorrhoids and anal fissures – a glass of cool water in the morning on an empty stomach. Cool water improves peristalsis also thins the stool, facilitating their passage easier for the rectum. That significantly reduces the risk of anal fissures and loss of hemorrhoids, that is, the emergence of hemorrhoids.
2. Lean on oatmeal. Due to the large amount of fat and the presence of mucus loosening and softening of the stool, which, in particular, is very useful for hemorrhoids. It should be remembered that the cereals are digested for a long time. Therefore, they have dinner, not worth it.
3. What is there for dinner? Eat a little steamed or cooked vegetables in a double boiler. If dinner is not too late, let’s say a small piece of fish, meat or seafood. As a beverage using lactic acid (kefir, fermented baked milk), or jelly, a wide range of which is represented in our shop. Very good in the complex treatment of hemorrhoids – Kisel oat broth on plantain.
4. Do not forget that a big role in the prevention of hemorrhoids is played our intestinal flora. It affects many metabolic processes in the body, the condition of the mucous, blood quality, nutrition of the capillaries, the quality of food digestion, immunity and much more. Whatever we think, but we all have the intestinal flora suffers. This stems from the violation of the diet, poor-quality products, the environment, drugs (antibiotics not only). According to this, the intestinal flora is necessary from time to time to repair and maintain. This is particularly important when a lot of the treatment of hemorrhoids. “Bifonorm-plus” will help in this capsule, “Laktonorm-plus”, “Atsidobak”, “Bifidobak”, “Probinorm”.
5. Keep in mind that the hemorrhoids – especially vascular disease. buy candles from hemorrhoids Black Poplar in particular – the veins. Take kapillyaro- and venoukreplyayuschie funds. It is very important in the treatment of hemorrhoids to use means to prevent stagnation of blood in the vessels. “Venatol”, “Avenitsitin”, “Fitomaks-beta” – this is just a small list of our products phytocenter of herbal ingredients that will help stop the formation of hemorrhoids. And to prevent the aggravation of development with already existing hemorrhoids.
6. And, of course, moderate exercise (outside the period of exacerbation and treatment of hemorrhoids) – a remarkable prevention of the formation of hemorrhoids. Several sit-ups in the morning, walking 3-5 km on foot during the day. When sedentary work or while driving – a light warm-up every 2-3 hours (slopes, squats, jumping circular rotation of the pelvis).
These are not clever tips to help you if I do not quite get rid of hemorrhoids, then, in any case, to prevent the development of exacerbations of hemorrhoids and permanently fix the results of the treatment of hemorrhoids – buy candles from hemorrhoids Black Poplar.
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