Bold shine skin summer – blue Cambrian clay

During the summer, the load on the skin is enhanced, high temperature, dry air, and of course, the skin produces its normal response to weather conditions – shine. During this period, become topical and porosuzhivayuschie podsushivayuschee means tonics that do not contain alcohol, facial masks of blue Cambrian clay. Tonic cleanses the face at least twice a day, and most importantly, that it does not contain alcohol! Alcohol-based toners desiccate the skin, after which the skin begins to shine even more. Mask do 2-3 times a week.

Face mask of clay, is considered one of the best remedies for the face. Very simple and inexpensive procedure, and most importantly very helpful. So, take 2 tablespoons of blue clay Cambrian breed purified or melt water to the consistency of thick cream. Carefully stir in the mask should be no lumps. Mask is better to cook in a non-metallic bowl! Mask enriches a few drops of essential oil. For example cypress, almond bitter, tea tree, ylang-ylang, jasmine, cedar and eucalyptus. Essential oils can pick up on your skin type, each oil has in describing an indication for any skin type is suitable. Or pick up the flavor. Maybe that today you want to smell like grapefruit.
Apply the mask on clean face, neck and décolleté. After 15-20 minutes, wash off, without soap, warm water. Then apply a moisturizer cream or facial oil.
A few words about the use of the mask of blue Cambrian clay. The fact that it is easy to cope with a greasy luster face is clear, and what else you can get the benefit from it. Blue Cambrian clay is ideal for women who want to smooth out wrinkles. It is perfectly tones and nourishes the skin.
Blue Cambrian clay can be used by both young girls and women are more respectful age. But the last of these, it has a great service – great fights wrinkles. The spectrum of action of blue Cambrian clay generally very broad. Blue Cambrian clay is rich in minerals – silicon, as he is known, strengthens blood vessels, improves the level of collagen. Manganese, for example, the wonderful dries the skin. Face mask of clay supplies the skin with all these useful features. Blue Cambrian clay Clay is a good solution to the problem of oily and problem skin.
Also worth noting is that very often the blue blue Cambrian clay in the fight against cellulite. A very effective tool.

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