New shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste - Seasons

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New shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste - Seasons New shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste - Seasons

We have made new shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste - Seasons for you. The shampoos are based on precious clays - white, blue, green and red. The line includes 4 types of shampoos, like the seasons. Namely
Winter flame, with white clay - for brittle and weak hair
Blooming spring, with blue clay - against hair loss
Summer LOVE, with green clay - against dandruff
Autumn manna, with red clay - for oily hair.
Shampoos of the "Seasons" line are poured into glass bottles and participate in the "return the container" program - using the ZeroWaste technology. This is the second line in glass packaging, the first were toothpastes. We are very proud that with our help the planet is becoming a little cleaner.
Shampoos of the "Seasons" line have two types of caps - a pump or an aluminum cap.
The pump is reusable.
The bottle and cap can be easily recycled, and we can give the bottle a second life in the bottle back program.

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