What is Ekolux busy with now

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What is Ekolux busy with now What is Ekolux busy with now

For a long time there was no news from us ... And all because we worked. Lots and lots. Over new products. The release of which we are already planning in the near future. So more about our new products.
We thought / tried for a long time and made param pam pam NATURAL CREAM FOR SHOES! The main characters of this cream are carnauba wax and pine resin.

Due to its unique composition, the shoes treated with this cream will remain dry in wet weather. And it's true, tested !!!!!!! Plus a pleasant smell, the cream can be used indoors, and plus a 100% natural composition. It is especially important if there are little children in the house. In the "clinical" tests of the cream involved leather, nubuck and dermatin surfaces. Everything was successful!

We have created a line of hydrophilic oils. There will be five of them. Yes, we tried ... First - for washing hair and beard! The second is for shaving !!!!!! Yes, for shaving. Yes, dear men, we thought about YOU! And three types for washing - for three types of skin, for normal, for oily and problematic, for dry skin.
And we continue to work on a line of natural shampoos. There are still many secrets here, but soon, and maybe very soon, we will tell you everything. I will slightly open the veil of secrecy, it will be simple and clear, natural compounds, and there will be at least four !!!!!
About all the news, there will be very detailed information, photos, videos, stay tuned for our news! Now we will be often on the air!
We work for you! Your Ekolyuks !!!!!

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