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So the year 2022 has come, and we, the Ecolux company, have decided on some changes. namely
1. Since January, the production of a line of cream-balms has been stopped. something will appear in a new format, something will sink into oblivion ... we will inform you about these processes in detail
2. A line of shampoos with precious clays will be in a cardboard box, with detailed instructions for the product. This is a vital necessity, glass bottles experienced transportation very traumatically. There will also be a change in label design.
3. Zero Waste toothpaste line change in packaging and design, formula improvement, addition of a box.
4. Deodorants of the Zero Waste line - changing the packaging, volume, adding a box and instructions
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The company Ekolux for you has already become a symbol not only of high quality natural products, but also a symbol of care for the environment. For many years we have been thinking about how to make our packaging more sustainable. how to reduce waste.
At the beginning of our journey, all of our products were packed in plastic. Then more environmentally friendly packaging began to appear - glass. And in December 2019 we launched our pride - the ZERO WASTE line. All products in this line are packed in glass containers.
You can return any packaging from this line to us. And we will take care of it - give it a second life or make sure that it is recycled.
Now in the ZERO WASTE package we produce the following products - natural toothpaste, deodorants and shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste.
How to understand that this particular package you can return to us? There is a "Bring me back" badge on the jar.
Let's make our planet cleaner together! Think what we will leave to our children and grandchildren.


New shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste - Seasons

We have made new shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste - Seasons for you. The shampoos are based on precious clays - white, blue, green and red. The line includes 4 types of shampoos, like the seasons. Namely
Winter flame, with white clay - for brittle and weak hair
Blooming spring, with blue clay - against hair loss
Summer LOVE, with green clay - against dandruff
Autumn manna, with red clay - for oily hair.
Shampoos of the "Seasons" line are poured into glass bottles and participate in the "return the container" program - using the ZeroWaste technology. This is the second line in glass packaging, the first were toothpastes. We are very proud that with our help the planet is becoming a little cleaner.
Shampoos of the "Seasons" line have two types of caps - a pump or an aluminum cap.
The pump is reusable.
The bottle and cap can be easily recycled, and we can give the bottle a second life in the bottle back program.


Save hand skin from antiseptic

Save hand skin from antiseptic

How and how to care for dry and problematic skin?
Realities of our hands
We constantly wash our hands, use antiseptics, including alcohol, we wear rubber gloves ....
The skin of our hands suffers and suffers greatly, especially if initially it was problematic, now it is the most vulnerable. Dryness, cracks, peeling .... words already included in our everyday life. Yes, before there were much less such problems, but the load on the skin of our hands was habitually normal.
But this problem can and should be solved, because dried skin is the most vulnerable ....
Cream-balm "Lega" based on beeswax and oils - walnut, olive, coconut, wheat germ, gently and effectively moisturize your skin, relieve irritation, promote skin regeneration, nourish the cuticle and nail plate. It has a light whitening effect due to the presence of lemon in the composition of essential oil.
Just put a jar of Leg cream on the bedside table, and do not forget to apply cream on slightly damp skin. In the morning, you will feel the difference.
Cream-balm "Lega" will replace you with a tool for the cuticle, for the nail plate, and will become your favorite tool for the skin of the hands.
We sincerely wish you to remain always beautiful and healthy, regardless of the circumstances !!!!


Zero Waste Toothpastes from Ekolux

Zero Waste Toothpastes from Ekolux

Zero Waste Non-waste technology - a technology that implies the most rational use of natural resources and energy in production, ensuring environmental protection. Waste-free technology - the principle of organization of production in general, implying the use of raw materials and energy in a closed cycle.

The Ekolux brand keeps up to date and tries to satisfy the needs of all its customers. Now very popular ZeroWaste technology for food and care products, cosmetics and perfumes. Fewer people try to use plastic in everyday life.

Zero Waste (zero waste) is a concept whose main idea is to reduce the amount of garbage we produce by using reusable objects and things, just as they would be used in nature. The goal is to keep garbage out of a landfill or incinerator.

We want to join the reduction of debris on the planet and therefore we are launching the release of Ekolux Toothpastes in a refillable jar using the Zero Waste technology.

Telephone for ordering Zero Waste Toothpastes from Ekolux - 067-576-0844


Ekolux Natural Toothpaste - Best Pasta

Natural toothpaste with extract of leaves of oak Ekolyuks - you can buy here
Have you been looking for natural toothpaste for a long time? Or maybe they were looking for a toothpaste with a soft abrasive? Or maybe with herbal extracts, in particular oak leaf?
Then to you here - a natural toothbrush with an extract of oak leaves from the Ukrainian manufacturer Ekolyuks
The natural composition is vegetable glycerin, aerosil, kaolin, apple pectin, silicon hydroxide, oak leaf extract, xanthan, xylitol, purified water. Very simple but effective composition.
The active system that cleans is kaolin and aerosil, if you look through a microscope, you will see that the particles are oval, which allows you to effectively and simultaneously gently, without injuring the enamel, clean the plaque. That is, if you have a thin and sensitive enamel - you are here. And also, if you want to brush your teeth and not injure the enamel, then this natural toothpaste is perfect
You have heard that oak leaf extract is good for bleeding gums, and that’s true. Oak leaf extract - has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating (healing), mild soothing effect. In dentistry it is used for bleeding and inflammation of the gums, oral mucosa, periodontal disease, stomatitis, gingivitis, candidiasis of the oral cavity (thrush). In this paste it is immediately evident that the extract was honestly put in it, it is brown in color, with an astringent taste. It tastes pretty good.
In general, if you are only thinking about whether you want to try natural toothpaste, you need to be prepared for the fact that natural toothpaste does not foam. And natural toothpaste with oak leaf extract has the color of chocolate or coffee, as you like.


Cream-balm Antiperspirant Ekolux - for gentle and gentle care

For lovers of creamy textures deodorants TM Ekolux was created cream-balm "Antiperspirant". For gentle and gentle care of the armpit area, with excessive sweating of the arms and legs.
Cream-balm Atiperspirant has a delicate and light creamy texture, pleasant herbal aroma. Gently cares for the skin, preventing the appearance of an unpleasant odor of sweat. Atiperspirant cream-balm provides effective protection, gives a feeling of lightness and freshness, does not create films on the body, does not clog pores, does not block natural physiological processes, does not dry out the skin. The use of antiperspirant can normalize sweating. Effectively fights bacteria causing an unpleasant odor, preventing their appearance and colonization on the body. The basis of the cream-balm Antiperspirant is only natural ingredients and this product is suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin. The cream contains special substances that have antiseptic and deodorizing, anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to them, it easily restores skin damaged by shaving or hair removal. With regular use, the level of perspiration is regulated. Atiperspirant cream-balm can be used not only in the armpits, but also for other problem areas, such as legs and palms.
Composition. Beeswax, oils - peppermint, green walnut, coconut, olive, castor, linden, thyme; extracts - cranberries, oak bark, tansy, sage, string; essential oils - sage, chamomile.
discharged volume 30 ml


Spring tenderness Ekolux

Spring, the first green leaves! So you want to be beautiful, fresh and tender ...
For you, our most tender, spring, sweetest, we have created a natural deodorant "Tenderness". Natural deodorant "Tenderness" will carefully protect you from the smell of sweat, give you freshness for the whole day! And no “sticky” sensations! ”The first notes of“ Tenderness ”deodorant are cinnamon, but literally, after 10-15 minutes, the fragrance is barely perceptible, and you will only wear one fragrance - this is the fragrance of your perfume. Natural“ Tenderness ”deodorant is recommended for very delicate and sensitive skin!


cream-balm "Barrier" - prevention of acute respiratory viral

cream-balm "Barrier" - An indispensable universal tool for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections.

The balm is based on beeswax, the active ingredients are propolis, green walnut oil, a complex of essential oils of tea tree, alpine spruce and lavender, as well as garlic, pine needles, ginger. Due to this composition, the balm has an amazing preventive effect in acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections during seasonal infections. This is a natural antibiotic for external use, which increases the body's resistance to seasonal infectious and colds.

The "barrier" contains exclusively natural ingredients, thanks to which the body is easier to cope with viruses and various kinds of inflammatory processes. Cream balm “Barrier” has a pronounced antibacterial and antifungal properties, has anti-influenza and antiviral effects.

Also, cream-balm can be used for headaches, vasospasms, hemorrhoids, rectal cracks, fungal infections of the feet, inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, bruises, sprains, herpetic eruptions, long-healing wounds, insect bites.

cream-balm "Barrier" - Method of application:

    in case of unfavorable epidemiological conditions, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections before leaving the house, apply to the inside of the nose, repeat 5-6 times a day

    with the first symptoms of acute respiratory infections or SARS, spread the wings of the nose, neck, temples, mustard area, grind to a thermal effect, insulate, it is advisable to do this procedure at night, combine with drinking warm tea with raspberries or honey

    with a runny nose 3-4 times a day, apply to the inside and outside of the nose, maxillary sinuses and frontal sinuses.

    For headaches, apply the cream on the fingers, and massage the head, with light pressure.

    For fungal, skin lesions, bites, cuts, apply to the affected area of ​​the skin, repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day.


The benefits of cream-balm "Barrier"

    high efficiency

    natural composition

    budget cost

    economical to use

    easy to use


Ekolux Natural Toothpaste - Safe and Useful

Ekolux Natural Toothpaste: Do not be scared and swallow
Even if you have your own view of the cultures of the East, you are unlikely to reject one of the principles of Ayurveda. And he says that to apply to the body should only be what you can eat without harming yourself. This principle becomes even more important when it comes to toothpastes. After all, some small amount of paste inevitably enters the body, especially in children.


What is Ekolux busy with now

For a long time there was no news from us ... And all because we worked. Lots and lots. Over new products. The release of which we are already planning in the near future. So more about our new products.
We thought / tried for a long time and made param pam pam NATURAL CREAM FOR SHOES! The main characters of this cream are carnauba wax and pine resin.

Due to its unique composition, the shoes treated with this cream will remain dry in wet weather. And it's true, tested !!!!!!! Plus a pleasant smell, the cream can be used indoors, and plus a 100% natural composition. It is especially important if there are little children in the house. In the "clinical" tests of the cream involved leather, nubuck and dermatin surfaces. Everything was successful!


Secrets of safe tanning from TM Ekolux

With the advent of sunny days, every mother thinks about how to protect her baby in nature. Red shoulders, a bad mood, this is what we can get, without thinking ahead of time, about the safe presence of our beloved baby in the sun. TM Ekolyuks brings to your attention natural body oil “Tanning tonic”, due to the presence of only natural components in it, this oil is completely safe for your baby.

“Tanning tonic” perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, protects the skin from UV radiation, makes the skin soft and velvety. "Tanning tonic" is easy to use, before the planned exposure to the sun, apply to the skin with light massage movements, allow to soak. A couple of minutes and the baby is ready. "Tanning tonic" provides a beautiful and even tan, take this oil with you on vacation, and you will have the most beautiful tan in the area!
After an active holiday, it will be useful to worry about the baby's delicate skin of your baby and the Moth oil will help you with this. Butter for children “Moth” gently cares and protects the baby’s skin from the negative effects of environmental factors (sun, wind), has a high wound healing ability, is effective for allergic reactions, protects the baby’s skin from viruses, bacteria, staphylococci. Let your baby explore the world, and Butter for Children “Moth” will become your reliable support and assistant!
All good health and wonderful sunny days!


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