Hypoallergenic hydrophilic oil for beard and mustache

Hypoallergenic hydrophilic oil for beard and mustache Hypoallergenic hydrophilic oil for beard and mustache

Hypoallergenic hydrophilic oil Ekolux for beard and mustache

The hypoallergenic hydrophilic oil Ekolux for washing and washing beards, suitable for daily use, thanks to the oils that make up the product does not overdry skin, cares for hair. Quickly and effectively removes dirt, wax residues. Excellent cleans hair and skin, does not leave greasy marks. Suitable for all skin types, does not dry the skin and hair. Hydrophilic oil for a beard and mustache nourishes the skin and hair with nutrients, hair becomes obedient, the beard is beautiful and well-groomed.

Hydrophilic beard and mustache oil is a remedy consisting of a mixture of natural oils and an emulsifier, which makes the oil hydrophilic (i.e. water flow), when applied to the skin with water, the oil formula turns into cream and cleanses the skin of cosmetics and dirt. This transformation allows the hydrophilic oil to penetrate the skin, dissolve dirt and clean the pores. Hydrophilic oil - deeply cleanses the pores, dirt and excess fat are carefully removed, and at the same time - you do not feel any feeling of tightness and dry skin. In addition to cleaning, you get additional options - moisturizing, nutrition and restoration of the skin, toning effect. Hydrophilic oil can be applied to any skin type, it does not clog pores, does not leave greasy marks. This product is ideal for oily and combination, and dry and sensitive skin. Oily skin quality and gently cleanse and moisturize dry and sensitive moisturize and nourish.
Hydrophilic oil for a beard and mustache is used for removing makeup, for washing hair, beard and mustache, for shaving, instead of shower gel, for intimate hygiene, for facial massage.
The product is very economical, just a couple of drops of oil is enough for you to carry out the procedure, more than compensate for its cost.

TM EcoLux
Burdock oil, arugula oil, hop oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, castor oil, hypericum oil, calamus oil, olive emulsifier.
Mode of application
Apply 3-4 drops of hypoallergenic hydrophilic oil Ekolux on dry hair, massage with wet hands, rinse off the rest with water
Persons with sensitivity to the components of the formulation.
60 ml
Shelf life
12 months, after the start of use 2 months
DSTU 4787: 2007

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