The company Ekolux for you has already become a symbol not only of high quality natural products, but also a symbol of care for the environment. For many years we have been thinking about how to make our packaging more sustainable. how to reduce waste.
At the beginning of our journey, all of our products were packed in plastic. Then more environmentally friendly packaging began to appear - glass. And in December 2019 we launched our pride - the ZERO WASTE line. All products in this line are packed in glass containers.
You can return any packaging from this line to us. And we will take care of it - give it a second life or make sure that it is recycled.
Now in the ZERO WASTE package we produce the following products - natural toothpaste, deodorants and shampoos Ekolux ZeroWaste.
How to understand that this particular package you can return to us? There is a "Bring me back" badge on the jar.
Let's make our planet cleaner together! Think what we will leave to our children and grandchildren.


Zero Waste Toothpastes from Ekolux

Zero Waste Toothpastes from Ekolux

Zero Waste Non-waste technology - a technology that implies the most rational use of natural resources and energy in production, ensuring environmental protection. Waste-free technology - the principle of organization of production in general, implying the use of raw materials and energy in a closed cycle.

The Ekolux brand keeps up to date and tries to satisfy the needs of all its customers. Now very popular ZeroWaste technology for food and care products, cosmetics and perfumes. Fewer people try to use plastic in everyday life.

Zero Waste (zero waste) is a concept whose main idea is to reduce the amount of garbage we produce by using reusable objects and things, just as they would be used in nature. The goal is to keep garbage out of a landfill or incinerator.

We want to join the reduction of debris on the planet and therefore we are launching the release of Ekolux Toothpastes in a refillable jar using the Zero Waste technology.

Telephone for ordering Zero Waste Toothpastes from Ekolux - 067-576-0844

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