Natural shoe polish Ekolux

Natural shoe polish Ekolux Natural shoe polish Ekolux

Natural shoe polish Ekolux, designed to protect and care for all types of leather products (shoes, bags, gloves, jackets, etc.).
Saturates the color of the product, refreshes the appearance, hides scratches, scratches and cracks. Caring, cleans, adds shine to the product.
It repels moisture, increases resistance to damage, protects against dirt and dust. Shoes treated with natural cream shoe Eco-Lux will remain dry, even in the most rainy and snowy weather.
Ecolux natural shoe polish has a pleasant aroma, can be used indoors.
The cream is suitable for products of any color and shade.

Composition Natural shoe polish Ekolux -
Carnauba wax - adds natural shine to the surface, increases resistance to mechanical damage;
beeswax - smooths the surface of the product, penetrating and filling small cracks, scratches and other mechanical damage, reduces thermal conductivity;
flax oil - repels moisture, not allowing it to penetrate deep into the shoe;
Castor oil - helps the cream to absorb more deeply, for application to a moist surface before drying, eliminates squeaks;
glycerin - prevents cracking of the skin, its drying (in heat) or “zadubenie” (in the cold), the appearance of unpleasant odors and salt stains;
sap of pine - accelerates the absorption of the cream;
green walnut oil - disinfects the product;
Gum turpentine - helps soften shoes and make them comfortable;

TM EkoLux
Carnauba wax, beeswax, flax oil, castor oil, glycerin, pine resin, green walnut oil, turpentine oil.
Mode of application
A small amount of cream, apply to the surface, rub with a brush, let it soak, polish.
Individual intolerance to the components
Plastic jar, 75 ml
Shelf life
12 months

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