Cream-balm "Lega" for hand

Cream-balm "Lega" for hand Cream-balm "Lega" for hand

Cream-balm "Lega" is recommended for the nutrition of the skin of hands and nail plate; for protection against cold allergy. It takes care of human skin at any time of the year.
Cream-balm "Lega" It has a calming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Cream-balm "Lega" The biologically active product having high antibacterial properties.

Cream-balm "Lega" is recommended for skin rashes, eczema, allergic manifestations of psoriasis. It is used for better wound healing, skin after injuries, erosion, inflammation and burns. It slows down the aging process. Strengthens capillary walls. It is shown at a problem and contaminated skin from chafing and skin roughness, for chapped, rough and chapped hands from cracks on the palms. It used as a wound healing agent in the sun and household burns. It stimulates the metabolism, improves the condition, both dry and oily skin, rejuvenates the skin, keeps the skin elastic and fresh even in adulthood. Cream-balm "Lega" is used for lubrication of abrasion, any cuts, for the treatment of ulcers, softening calluses, corns, and relieve pain. Characterized by high concentration of carotenoids, which provide anti-oxidant properties. It activates lipid metabolism in the skin, has antibacterial and antiviral action. Cream-balm "Lega" protects cells against free radicals, essential for the formation of collagen a protein that binds vascular cells of the skin and promotes healing, strengthens the capillaries. Cream-balm "Lega" heals cracks in the skin, reduces fragility of nails. Lemon - a strong antiseptic in inflammatory processes.

Manufacturer: TM Ekolyuks, Ukraine
Ingredients: beeswax; wheat germ oil, palm oil, coconut, castor, olive; lemon
How to use: Apply to damp skin of the hands and a small amount of cream evenly
Contraindications: idiosyncrasy
Packing: 30 ml 100 ml
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificate: c-d conclusion from 18.10.2010 №05.03.02-04 \ 77423

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