Comfort Oil for feet Ekolux

Comfort Oil for feet Ekolux Comfort Oil for feet Ekolux

Comfort Oil for feet Ekolux based green walnut has the following effect -

- The composition of the oil effectively relieves stress and inflammation around veins
- Improves the condition of the skin
- "Comfort" Oil for Feet soothes muscle and psycho - emotional stress
- Restores blood circulation during stagnation associated with the disease of veins (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids)

- Comfort Oil for feet Ekoluxstrengthens vein walls
- Stimulates capillary blood circulation and cell renewal
- Prevents the appearance of spider veins
- Comfort Oil for feet Ekolux cleanses the skin and removes lethargy muscle
- Prevents excessive accumulation of acid in the body and removes toxins
- Anticonvulsant.
- Cosmetic effect: dry feet, cracked heels, calluses

Manufacturer: TM Ekolux, Ukraine
Ingredients: Comfort Oil for feet Ekolux green walnut Oil, oil peony petals, essential oils: cypress, rosemary, lemon.
How to use: Apply to the skin with light massage movements
Contraindications: not set
Packing: 60 ml pack manufacturer
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificate: At 2143821260-020M RC-10

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