Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux

Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux

Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux are substances that stimulate or enhance sexual attraction or sexual activity, as opposed to anaphrodisiacs, which prevent sexual pleasure or overwhelming attraction. In the modern market of perfume products there are products that are positioned as "containing pheromones." Manufacturers of such products claim that its use increases the attractiveness of the opposite sex "on a subconscious level", acts as an aphrodisiac. There are no reliable confirmations.

Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux is conventionally divided into female and male. But this does not mean that composing a composition to attract the opposite sex should be clearly guided by their belonging. After all, a drop of male aphrodisiac in female spirits will attract a man not only with the desire to win a woman, but also the opportunity to feel confident next to her. The same effect will be in the male composition to win the lady whom she likes, whose sense of smell will help her to feel the incredible tenderness of the strength and courage of the opposite sex.

The most popular Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux:

Ylang-ylang is the most powerful aphrodisiac, suitable for men and women. The representatives of the stronger sex causes a burst of male power, gives self-confidence, helps to feel and understand the partner better. A woman will help her discover herself, become more sensual and feminine.
Bergamot - relaxes, awakens fantasy, gives confidence, helps to decide on bolder actions.
Vetiver is indispensable for people who are timid and indecisive, contributing to their emancipation. In perfumery it is used as a fragrance for men.
Carnation is necessary to enhance tactile sensitivity.
Geranium increases female libido, relieves self-doubt caused by age-related changes.
Patchouli stimulates the nervous system, it is exciting.
Ginger improves blood circulation, improves mood, sexual desire. Mentioned as an aphrodisiac plant in the Kamasutra.
Cinnamon increases desire, helps to get rid of frigidity and erectile dysfunction.
Rose - a woman's oil, which increases sensuality, femininity, confidence in its irresistibility.

Massage oil based on butter of a green walnut Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux has the following effect -

Pamper your loved one with a spectacular massage with the use of the ylang aroma! Dilute 9 drops of this spicy medium with 40 ml of olive oil. Do the mixture with all the care and scrupulousness: no aroma oil is applied to the skin in a concentrated manner; in undiluted condition.
For a romantic meeting, you can use the assistant - aroma lamp. In the lower part of the lamp is placed a candle, in the upper part water is poured and 4 drops of fragrant sandal are added. Stupefying smells and pleasant relaxation will give the evening an exceptional charm and charm.
Any aphrodisiac can be used during bathing procedures. There is one trick here: since the aphrodisiac body oil does not dissolve in the liquid, it must first be diluted in a foam for bathing. This is one of the most common methods for attracting men: the persistent aroma of the ether will "hold" on your body for a long time.
Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux are often used for the aromatization of bed linen. Just a few of these aroma-drops. Used ylang, orange or sandalwood. This method is exceptionally good, but do not overdo it! It is best to use the aphrodisiac as needed and use a separate set of laundry.
Of course, aphrodisiacs can also be included as an active ingredient for home-made perfumes. This is also one of the most effective ways to attract men! The best way is to experiment on creating an individual fragrance that suits only you.

- sensual composition of aphrodisiacs
- Body Oil Aphrodisiac is used to relax, increase activity, sexuality, arouse sensuality and create an intimate atmosphere
- removes stiffness in the relationship between partners

- Aphrodisiac stimulates blood circulation
- in men it prevents the occurrence of stagnant phenomena in the genitourinary system
- body oil Aphrodisiac in women harmonizes the cycle, enhances sexual susceptibility


Manufacturer: TM Ekolux, Ukraine
Ingredients: green walnut oil, essential oils, jasmine, cinnamon, clary sage, grapefruit.
How to use: Apply Aphrodisiac to the skin with light massage movements
Contraindications: not set
Packing: 60 ml pack manufacturer
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificate: At 2143821260-020M RC-10

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