Lemon Body Oil Ekolux

Lemon Body Oil Ekolux Lemon Body Oil Ekolux

"Lemon" body oil provides psycho-emotional effects on the body, tonic, effective in vegetative-vascular dystonia. Refreshes, provides a burst of energy and positive motivation, Allows you to quickly and smoothly adapt to the new conditions of life, to new people, strengthens the vital interest and curiosity.

Cosmetic effect of "lemon" body oil
Whitens and smoothes, and normalizes the secretion of oily skin. It makes it less noticeable freckles, age spots, rosacea (vascular pattern). The anti-bacterial and viral rashes. Softens hardened skin, promotes healing of fractures. Natural hair bleach, gives them a light shade of platinum and a wonderful shine, dandruff, brittle hair. "Lemon" body oil is perfect for strengthening nails, being a one of the best preparations for the care of hands, gives them an aristocratic, well-kept vid.Rezultativnoe anti-cellulite effect.
curative action "lemon" oil
Eliminates bleeding and inflammation of the gums. "Lemon" body oil - antiviral and immunostimulatory agent (influenza, herpes, chicken pox, hepatitis, measles, mumps). It has antibacterial, antiseptic, bactericidal effect. It relieves fever, antipyretic. Anti-sclerotic effect. The remedy for headaches associated with physical inactivity, stuffiness, fatigue and weather changes. It relieves nausea, unproductive breath, dizzy with fatigue, spasms of cerebral vessels, and an overdose of coffee. "Lemon" body oil has cardiotonic action. It cleanses the body of toxins. It has antianemic action; activates leukocyte activity, restores the natural blood formula. Hemostatic effect (nosebleeds). It potentiates the liver and pancreas, lung choleretic. Anti-obesity agents. Normalizes metabolism and fat utilization. Prevents varicose veins and hemorrhoids development.

Manufacturer: TM Ekolux, Ukraine
Ingredients: green walnut oil, lemon ether
How to use: Apply to the skin with light massage movements
Contraindications: not set
Packing: 60 ml pack manufacturer
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificate: At 2143821260-020M RC-10

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