Fir body oil

Fir body oil Fir body oil

"Fir" body oil - has the following effect -

- Therapeutic biological activity of high oil
- Effective in the treatment of acute respiratory disease, SARS, pneumonia, bronchitis, relieves bronchial asthma
- Recommended for violations of blood supply and tone of brain vessels
- Bath: tonic effect, antiseptic, skin diseases (eczema, pyoderma, etc.).
- Urological diseases (cystitis, prostatitis, adenoma)
- Natural deodorant (reduces sweating) stimulating and rejuvenating agent for skin (removes flaccidity and skin fatigue)

Manufacturer: Ekolux
Ingredients: green walnut Oil, fir Oil
How to use: Apply to the skin with light massage movements
Contraindications: not set
Packing: 60 ml pack manufacturer
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificate: At 2143821260-020M RC-10

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