Tea tree Body Oil

Tea tree Body Oil Tea tree Body Oil

Tea tree oil for body Used in pharmacy as an antiseptic, expectorant and aromatherapy. Also practiced is the use of tea tree oil in the composition of oral hygiene products.

Tea tree oil for body provides the following action -

- Soothing, antiseptic and antimicrobial
- Tea tree oil for the body is used for shingles, hair scars, fungal skin lesions, colds, chronic colds, in pulmonology
- Reduces the temperature
- Strengthens the heart
- Tea tree oil for the body is used for daily skin and body care with acne, rashes, itching, dandruff, hair loss
- Soft care for irritated and inflamed skin, cracked on the heels

Tea tree - a family of tropical trees and shrubs from the family of Myrtle. This genus is close to another kind of myrtle - eucalyptus.

The most common species is Melaleuca alternifolia, other species are Melaleuca viridiflora and Melaleuca leucadendra. Of these, they receive essential oil. The species Melaleuca armillaris and Melaleuca howeana have no therapeutic value.


Manufacturer: TM Ekolux, Ukraine
Ingredients: green walnut Oil, tea tree ether.
How to use: Apply to the skin with light massage movements
Contraindications: not set
Packing: 60 ml pack manufacturer
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificate: At 2143821260-020M RC-10

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